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Toronto Condos

With several years of real estate experience in the Greater Toronto Area, Sterling Wong has built a solid reputation for excellence in service, integrity and results for his clients. Sterling Wong will provide you with the expert advice you will need when searching for condos for sale in Toronto. Whether you're searching for downtown Toronto condos for sale or Toronto Lofts for Sale , Toronto Condos is a great place to search for all your real estate needs. Sterling Wong at Toronto Condos will assist you with all your real estate needs when looking to buy a condo in Toronto.  In Toronto Condos you can find great info on mortgages, new Toronto condo developments and excellent info on the buying and selling process.


The Toronto condo market is growing significantly and the simple reason is that there is a lot of demand and not enough supply; therefore the prices of Toronto condos rise substantially every year. We see the demand go up every year for Toronto condos & downtown Toronto condos for sale . One of the newest and hottest condo developments in downtown Toronto is Ice Condimiums, located in the heart of Toronto, connected to the PATH system and steps from the Air Canada Centre and Union Station. A perfect location if you love being in the centre of all the action! is a great tool to make the buying and selling process easier for clients. If you're looking for Toronto condos for sale you can search our comprehensive database of properties by filling out the search form. Or, if you're interested in knowing more about how you can become mortgage free or how to sell your property for a higher price, Toronto Condos can provide you with the information you need.

Toronto Lofts for Sale

Not only can you search for condo apartments but you can also view Toronto Lofts for Sale too. The lofts in Toronto are another reason why people are attracted to downtown Toronto. Toronto lofts are differentiated into two types, Soft lofts and hard lofts. Soft lofts are the new residential construction with high ceilings that have two stories. Hard lofts are the old commercial properties turned into residential, they also have high ceilings and big windows.


If you are an investor you should definitely check out the new projects of Toronto condos and lofts. There are many lucrative opportunities in new Toronto condo projects, but certain requirements must be met for investors. To learn more about investing in Toronto condos, contact me and I will be happy to guide you.


Thank you for visiting Toronto Condos and please contact me if you have any questions about Toronto condos for sale or any property in the GTA and I would be more than happy to assist you.

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Toronto Condo Market

April 30, 2013

Toronto Condo Market Conditions

Toronto market conditions can go up and down in the blink of an eye for Toronto condos and unless you understand certain terms, you may not completely comprehend what you're dealing with. There are 3 terms used to describe market conditions that include the following:

  • A balanced market
  • A seller's market
  • A buyer’s market

When you're reading through the newspaper you’ll see these terms used a lot to describe what's happening in the Toronto area in terms of condo resales. Here is a brief description of what each word means so that you have a better idea of what's really happening with market conditions in the city.


A balanced market - This occurs when there are enough buyers looking for homes and sellers listing their properties for sale. If you see this type of condition in the market, home prices usually remain fairly stable and everyone is happy since the homes are selling fairly quickly but not so fast as to cause a huge amount of bidding wars.


A buyer's market - When you have this type of market it means that a lot of people are putting their home on the listings but there aren't as many buyers that are searching around for a new home at the time. This gives the buyer more control when he is looking at a home and more room for negotiation. In a buyer’s market it is possible to see home prices going down somewhat, but usually not too much.


A seller's market - When you're selling your home in this type of market you'll have the edge over the buyers. There will be a lot of people looking for Toronto condos for sale but there won't be enough listings to satisfy the demand for them. During a seller's market you may find a lot of bidding wars going on and prices rising on units. Some people may be placing offers that are higher than the asking price for the property.


If you're wondering what type of market conditions are in place for Toronto condos right now, call up our office and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you. Toronto market conditions can change quickly and we can let you know exactly what the trends are and when it is the best time to buy or sell a Toronto condo.

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Purchasing Toronto Condo

April 25, 2013

Purchasing a Condo in Toronto? This Is What You'll Own

If you're thinking about purchasing a condo in Toronto in the near future, here is some basic information you need to know about what you are going to be purchasing. Owning a condo is a lot different than renting an apartment from a landlord, and the terms can get quite confusing to say the least. You'll need to have a good conceptual idea of the difference between the condo unit that you'll be buying and the common property that is a shared responsibility by the rest of the owners that live in the building.


What is common property?

This is a term that you're going to be hearing a lot of once you start shopping for your Toronto condo. It is the area that is not a part of the condo units themselves but is shared and owned by everyone in the condominium complex. The front lobby, the exterior of the building including the driveway and the recreational areas, the elevators, the hallways and the major systems such as the plumbing, heating and electrical are all part of the common property.


As an owner you will be paying condo fees to help keep these areas and systems maintained and if there are any repairs required the money to pay them will also come out of the fund that you are paying into. Everyone has a joint responsibility to keep these areas clean and in good repair and that is partially where your condo fee is going.


What you are actually purchasing...

You'll receive a title for your condo that includes the unit they you'll be living in. The boundaries for your condominium include the floors, ceiling above and the interior walls surrounding the space you are occupying. You are going to have to be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the space you are purchasing. There is no landlord to call in the case of a leaky faucet: you'll need to phone up your own plumber.


All condominium corporations have their own set of rules about doing any remodeling of the unit. In most cases you will be able to paint the walls as you see fit and change the flooring if you don't find it appealing. In other cases you may have to ask for permission from the Toronto condominium corporation to do these minor changes and most corporations do not allow major renovations without written permission beforehand.


When you make your purchase you’ll be given a title for the unit and this is what you'll own outright. All of the common area will be jointly owned by you and the other Toronto condo unit owners and will be repaired and maintained through your condo fees.

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Owning Toronto Condo

April 19, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Owning Toronto Condos

A lot of people that are ready to make a change in their lifestyle are wondering what life would be like in a condo. Here are some of the pros and cons of making this change that you may want to consider.


The pros

Condos are fun and new and deliver exactly what is promised. They offer a carefree lifestyle inside a clean environment where there are fewer responsibilities on your plate for maintenance. You'll have freed up some of your time to do better things rather than repairing small problems in your home or mowing your lawn.


There can be a lot of social pros to living in a condo as well. You'll be surrounded by other people that also have freed up their time and there are usually events and activities that pull the building residents together. If you're the type of person that loves to socialize and be close to others, you're going to enjoy the condo experience immensely.


The cons

Before you move into your condo you're going to have to downsize your possessions to make sure that you can fit everything into the unit. This can be a difficult proposition for many especially older people that are moving from a large family home into a small condo. On the bright side though, many people do get used to the smaller amount of possessions. If a person really does have a difficult time getting rid of them, a storage unit can be rented either in the building or in an area close by.


In exchange for your freed-up time you're going to have to pay condo fees. These cover the costs of maintenance on the building in the common areas and any of the amenities that are part of the building. If the condominium property has a pool, for example, the condo fees will help to pay for the cleaning and maintenance of it. Whether you use the pool or not isn't an issue - you will still have to pay the condo fee like everyone else.


Are you interested in owning Toronto condos to experience some of the freedom that comes along with them? If so, we'd love to hear from you. We're also here to answer any questions you may have. A lot of real estate agents own a condo and can tell you firsthand what it's like to live in one.

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Toronto Condos Bidding War

April 9, 2013

Bidding Wars on Toronto Condos - Spring Is Here!

We knew that spring was going to bring on some exciting activity in the city but what we weren't prepared for were the bidding wars on Toronto condos. These condos are selling for higher than the listing price and are going fast. If you're in the market for a new condo it's an exciting time to jump into the action!


The Toronto market is definitely livening up especially in the condo sector. During the last few weeks there have been bidding wars in some of the most desirable Toronto neighborhoods like the east end Beach area and the Junction Triangle in the west end.


It seems as though the people in Toronto have finally realized that the city is not headed towards any type of real estate crash. Many that put their home-buying projects on hold to see what would develop have been crawling out of the woodwork and are ready to invest in a new condominium unit.


This is a welcome surge to hit the real estate Toronto market. New home buyers that previously put their plans on hold with the new mortgage rules that came out last summer are now more prepared to offer a down payment and have confidence that they can meet their monthly mortgage payments. Approximately 30% of the people purchasing a new home during the next 2 years are expected to be first-time buyers.


Condos are selling fast this spring. If you are ready to plunge into the market yourself you want to first get connected with a real estate agent so that you can get instant notifications when new Toronto condos are added onto the listings. This way you'll be able to beat out a lot of the crowd and be able to put in your bid quickly.


With the beautiful weather headed our way it’s a fantastic time to go out and look at some of the open houses in the Toronto area. The weather is warm, the flowers are about to bloom and the timing may be just right for a fresh new change for you with a new condo that fits right into your lifestyle.

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Your Toronto Condo

April 2, 2013


How to Get the Most Out Of Your Toronto Condo

Once you've decided to make a purchase of a Toronto condo you might as well decide to get the most out of it. Condos can be a great social place to live and you’ll want to get all of the benefits from living in one of them as you possibly can. Here are some useful suggestions you can use to make condo living a perfect match with your lifestyle.


Get familiar with the condo building

Condo living isn't just about walking down the path to the front door of the building, getting to the elevator and then walking the path down the hallway to your door. There's probably a lot more happening in your condo building than you're probably aware of. Take some time to explore all that's there and make sure that you spend some time looking at the amenities.


Find out where all of the exit doors are and make your way through them. You never know where you'll end up! There may be a back way leading to a convenience store or even a small park behind one of those doors.


Get some use out of the amenities

There are probably at least a couple of amenities that you can make use of on a regular basis. Take a swim in the pool, do a quick workout in the gym and see for yourself whether you like the facilities and would consider frequenting them on a regular basis. If you're just not into that type of active lifestyle, find out if there is a community room where you can sit down and read a book or magazine on a rainy day.


This will give you a place to go when you find your condo walls confining and you'll also be able to meet some people from the building. As a bonus, some of these community rooms have a communal library where tenants can pick up a book to read and then drop it off once it's finished.


Get out of the building

Walking is a great form of exercise and you're probably closer to a lot of shopping venues than you may think. By getting out of the building on a regular basis you'll feel better physically and emotionally. You'll also find out why condos are so convenient; they are usually built close to entertainment, dining and shopping venues for the benefit of all the tenants.


There are a lot of people in the city that love their Toronto condos and use the benefits available to improve their quality of life. Condo living is definitely its own experience and when you put the extra effort into it you just may end up adopting the condominium lifestyle as your own and may never consider moving into your own single-family dwelling.

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Toronto Condo Ownership

March 27, 2013 - Updated: April 2, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Toronto Condo Rental Versus Ownership

Let's take a quick look at the pros and cons of a Toronto condo ownership versus renting a unit. If you've been having questions about both the benefits of renting and owning your own property, the following information may put some of your questions to rest.


When you're looking for the newest upgrade features...

These are usually to be found in a condo development. These places are made to be sold quickly and with updated bathrooms, kitchens and appliances they are able to sell faster. There is a lot of competition in the condo market and it’s a lot easier to find the best granite or quartz countertops in a Toronto condo for sale. As for rental units, the landlord is less motivated to offer upgraded features since he knows that many tenants are not going to be treating the unit with the utmost care.


The amenities found in these property types

If you're looking at newer apartments and condominium complexes, both can offer the same types of luxury amenities including a pool, gym room, party room etc. If you're looking at the older buildings, however, it may be harder to find all the amenities you want in an apartment building versus a condominium block.


Covering the upfront costs of ownership

You'll require a down payment to get started with Toronto condo ownership, which is one of the main reasons why so many people continue to rent. In order to start renting an apartment all that will be required usually is the first and last month rent and perhaps an additional security deposit. As well, there will be closing costs associated with condo ownership.


Taking care of the units

With a condo you'll have the responsibility of handling any appliances that break down while the landlord will be responsible in a rental unit. In most cases though, you may not expect to see your appliance fixed in a hurry in an apartment and you may be in for a wait. With a condo unit, however, you'll own your own appliances while with a rental you are just being given temporary usage of them while you occupy the space.


Owning a condo is an investment in your future

You can generally expect any Toronto condo you buy to appreciate in value over the years. While it's going to be cheaper to pay rent every month on an apartment, you will never see this money come back to you. With a condo, even though you will have to pay a larger amount on a monthly basis to cover both the mortgage and the condominium fees, you'll be quietly building up a nice nest egg of equity for yourself and your future.


What it all boils down to is putting a plan together to make Toronto condo ownership something real for you. Getting over the initial hump of putting together the down payment needed to purchase the right condo can sometimes be difficult but it's definitely worth the effort when you consider the final payoff in terms of equity value.

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Buying Toronto Condo

March 20, 2013


Top 5 Tips for Buying a Toronto Condo

Are you thinking about buying a Toronto condo in the near future? If so, here are the top 5 tips we can offer to help make your buying experience fast and easy. These tips are quite different than the ones you are probably used to seeing!


Tip #1 - Keep your options open

While you may be set on getting a condo in a low rise building without amenities, you may want to keep your eyes open to see what else is available. In some cases you may walk away with a great deal in a high rise building that has spectacular amenities such as gym facilities and extra security features for a lower price. The more flexible you can be with your options, the better chance you have of nailing a great Toronto condo at a good price.


Tip #2 - Purchase the biggest condo you can afford

Keep in mind that it's a lot easier to resell a larger condo then it is to sell one-bedrooms and studio condos in Toronto. Without having to break the bank, buy the largest unit you can comfortably afford to get the most value for your money later on down the road when it's time to resell.


Tip #3 - The view will count more than you think

You are going to be looking out of your condo windows a lot more than you think. There are going to be times when you feel like you are cooped up and will naturally gaze towards the window for a relaxing view. Make sure that you take a special look at the view offered at each condo since it will help with your day-to-day life. It will also help with the resale later.


Tip #4 - takes a good look at the exposure

If you purchase a condo with a southern exposure it's going to be bright and cheery as the sun streams in but it may also be overly hot during the summer months. As well, if your bedroom is facing south or east, you'll have to deal with the early morning sun as it rises. During the weekends when you have a chance to sleep in a little, this may or may not cause a problem for you.


Tip #5 - Take a look at the community both by day and in the evening

It's a good idea to take a look at the neighborhood you find appealing during the day and in the evening. This will give you a better rounded picture of the new community you're about to move into.


Use these tips to help you find the best Toronto condo for you. With so many condos on the market, and spring just around the corner, it's the perfect time to check out your options and finally take the jump into home ownership.

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Inspection for Toronto Condo

March 13, 2013 - Updated: March 13, 2013

Is an Inspection Necessary When You're Buying a Toronto Condo?

Most people don't think that hiring a building inspector is necessarily important before purchasing a new Toronto condo. Usually it is assumed that the condo building is in tip top shape and that all is up to code. This is certainly the case in most condominium buildings across the city, but there is always the rare exception to the rule and that's when you’ll want to cover your bases by getting a home inspection done.


It's a low price to pay

When you consider the cost versus the value of what you will be getting for an inspection, it's well worth the money you’ll be paying. Even if the results come back that the condo is working fine and you really didn't have anything to worry about in the first place, you have still purchased something very valuable. You have bought the confidence needed to go ahead and sign the purchase offer without having any doubts left on your mind.


What could go wrong?

There are a lot of small inspections that need to get done in a condo in order to put your mind at rest. If there is a fireplace in the condo, that's one of the things that needs to get checked first. Other things that will be looked into by the Toronto building inspector will include the windows, the electrical system, hood exhaust etc.


A condo inspector that is well-versed with condominium buildings will also take a look at the garage to make sure that adequate drainage is provided so that flooding doesn’t pose a threat, will look at the common elements of the building and will examine the exterior to check the drainage, the roof, air conditioning units and the other areas of interest.


Getting an inspection for your Toronto condo won't cost a lot, doesn't take a long time and gives you the confidence you need to make a final purchase decision. While you can certainly go ahead and buy your condo without an inspection, it's something you may want to consider if you're the type of person that doesn't want a nagging doubt rising up later about the state of the condo once the papers have been signed and finalized.

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Affordable Toronto Condos

March 7, 2013


Toronto Condos Are Well within the Affordability Range


When it comes to real estate here in the city, Toronto condos are hot. Not only are they available in every shape and style across the city but according to a new report from RBC, they are affordable as well.


According to the RBC Economics Report, the housing costs for a condo in Toronto will account for only 33.1% of the average household's median income. A report issued from BMO put that number even lower at 31%.


Affordability is calculated according to a family's pre-tax income and how much of it will be needed to pay the monthly mortgage. Other costs such as property taxes, utilities and insurance for the home are also factored into the equation.


The higher the percentage, the more difficult you're going to find it to own a house, townhouse, duplex or condominium. If you have to pay 50% of your income on mortgage payments, property taxes and utilities it will be difficult to make the mortgage payments and even harder to find a lender that would be willing to give you one. In a typical situation the percentage should be about 32% of the borrower’s gross income. This will include the maintenance costs for condos.


As the rate of interest climbs, the affordability range will go up. This is why it is so important to purchase a Toronto condo now while the rates are still so low. Locking in a low mortgage payment right now is the smartest thing you can do if you feel that you are within the affordability range and are ready to leave the renter’s market and head for something better.


Toronto condos make a lot of sense when it comes to the affordability feature associated with owning one. For many people it's the stepping stone they need in order to break into the single-family housing market in Toronto. Once you have built up a certain amount of equity in your condo you'll be in a much better position to take a look at a single-family dwelling, townhouse or even a duplex in the Toronto area.


Toronto condos are sitting within the affordability range right now and while the rates are low it's the best time to jump on board and become a property owner instead of a renter.

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Toronto Condos and Lofts

February 26, 2013

Toronto Condos and Lofts - Should You Be Looking for the Best Lofts and Condos in Toronto?

Toronto is made up of many neighborhoods and each one of them has its own distinct characteristics. There are so many Toronto condos and lofts available that it may seem confusing at first where to start looking. Here is a quick outline of the Toronto area that will help you break down your search into an organized pattern that will get you closer to the condo that you really want.


West side condos

Many of the condos and lofts on the west side of Toronto have a lot of European flavor to them. You'll find yourself situated in trendy areas surrounded by cafés, restaurants and bookstores. There are a lot of fun antique stores too that add to the character of this west side and you'll definitely never get bored with all of the action and activity close by.


East side condos

You’ll find condos and lofts in this area in a variety of price ranges that will suit anyone's budget. These areas can often be more laid back yet come with a community spirit all of their own. If you’re on a strict budget, you may want to look in the east end first for a new loft or condo since the prices here are generally more affordable than what you'd find in other parts of Toronto.


The downtown core

Toronto condos that are centrally located are going to be more pricey than any of the other properties in Toronto but for many they are well worth the price. A lot of people are doubling up to purchase a property with a relative in the downtown area in order to be right in the middle of the action while starting to build up equity in their own home. This is a great way to get started in real estate if you really can't afford a down payment or need help making the monthly mortgage payments.

If you'd been thinking about purchasing a Toronto condo it's time to take out a pen and paper and see exactly how much of a down payment you need and how costly the mortgage payments would be on a monthly basis. After that, it's just a matter of working out the numbers and coming up with a bright idea to get a loft or condo as quickly as possible.

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