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Toronto Condo Lifestyle

December 7, 2012

Is a Toronto Condo Lifestyle Right for Your Pet?


Let's take a quick look at Toronto condos and pets. While there are a lot of condos in the city that do not allow pets of any kind, there sure are a lot of pet friendly condos in Toronto. You'll have to make sure before choosing one, however, that it is compatible for your pet. If you choose a condo with rules that you really can't abide by, you're only asking for trouble in the years ahead.


Pets play a major role in many family units and a lot of people would never consider moving without their precious pet by their side. When you're looking at the Toronto condo market and you have a pet that will be moving into the building with you, it's important to find out what the pet rules are first.


Every condo association has its own set of rules regarding pets. There are some condo buildings that rigorously enforce the rules while others are quite lenient about them. This is not to say, however, that you can rely on this leniency. Sometimes things can get a lot stricter after a few complaints come rolling in from other owners in the building. Once you sign the agreement for the leasing terms you'll have to be prepared to abide by them.


The noise factor


If you have a dog that barks a lot it can cause a problem. People will be walking through the halls at various times of the day and night and you won't want your dog barking as every footstep passes by.


The elevator


Some condos require that you pick up your pet when you're traveling in the elevator. Dogs especially can get quite scared when they are inside an elevator and may end up making a mess in it. It's not uncommon for an owner to simply walk away from this mess and leave it there because they didn't come prepared with the supplies to clean it up. If you have a large dog, you probably won't be able to carry it in the elevator every time you want to take it outside.


Of course the main problem with having a dog in a Toronto condo is the ability and ease to take it outside for walks. You'll have to take into account how often your pet needs to go outside in order to have and maintain a quality lifestyle for it. You'll also have to decide for yourself whether you yourself can get the quality of lifestyle that you want by taking your pet along with you into your new condo.

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